Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a simple rejection of valentines malaise

who’s contented to be without something to critique?

critical of contemporary conflicts and erotic conduct,
and of the opinion that one is dull for adhering to ill functioning conventions
(disenchanted i am not)
i am aroused by defiant contemplation...

my finest asset, 
my sexiest virtue
my obligation to my essence.

i locate something to critique because we do not conceive of conception outside of the state's oppression-
disjunction between supple bodies and pounding flesh.

i insist that my governance liken itself to my sex...
conscious of internal politics,
contested and politicized,
with consent, without coercion
and sometimes rough, but never oppressive.

having fidelity only to radical equality
and unescorted by a colonizing desire to materially possess another,
we collectively reconceive affairs of body and state.

inseminated with a constructivist alternative to the essentializing essence of enlightenment thinking.

freeing action from all unitary and totalizing western psychosis-
each touch, thought, and desire explicitly contested through juxtaposition, and disjunction.

abandoning our enveloping infoterrorized market condition-
fumbling, fondling, stroke and caress.

practicing facilities of intelligence, creativity and imagination
awakened through 'ars erotica' 
and impregnated with sublime freedom
a changeling is born.