Thursday, January 20, 2011

pick and choose

"idioms are for idiots, the less creative in thinking," she laughed. 

"you pick, ill choose," he retorted.

he took things personally sometimes. it was impossible not to take her personally.

"that will be our chosen illusion
cheaply practiced & liberally applied"  she replied looking askance.

"you pick the place
ill pick the time"

"you pick the topic
ill pick the phrasing"

"i pick next, 
you choose"

"we both agree with changizi
but divided in our preferences" said. 

"you always pick fictional, i choose ambiguity," was the reply.

Picked by Ali Hakimi

clearly illusioning is not the opposite of truth, of reality.
falsehood is something which does not exist, and
idioms are not actually illusions.
what you choose is not true, but an illusion.